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Thirteen – $399 No longer for sale

Take a nasty strat copy, make it pretty, and stick a brand-new 7-string Dimarzio humbucker into a 6-string guitar. 6 + 7 = Thirteen! Average, boring stuff.

Plays great, sounds great, looks stupid – and that’s why we made it!

When’s the last time you saw an aubergine guitar?

Punisher – $400 SOLD (we can make others!)

Starting Guitar: Epiphone LP Jr.

New pickup, volume, tone, wiring, custom authentic shotgun shell knobs, bullet casing truss rod cover, graphite nut, locking Spiezel tuners (not shown in photos, new upgrade).

Has an authentic bullet hole (really) through the guitar, an epoxied 9mm slug coming out the back. Plays & sounds nasty, clearly a one-of-a-kind guitar. Check out the blog on the creation of Punisher.

Old Glory – Triple Trouble – $199 ea., $449 for complete set of 3

  • (1) Red, White, Blue $199 SOLD
  • (1) Blue, Red, White $199
  • (1) White, Blue Red $199 SOLD

Old Glory is actually a suite of three guitars – they started out as brand-new res, white, and blue strat-style guitars, and they met Punk Daddy’s table saw and were chopped into three pieces, then reassembled and rebuilt! Check out the blog to see what we did to make ’em!

Tuno Strattencourt – $399

This started out as a fun project and grew into an amazing guitar we love having around the shop. Like (almost) anything else at PDG, it’s for sale!

I’m a huge fan of Nuno Bettencourt (formerly of Extreme) and always loved his backward headstock N4… so we made our own on an American Strat body, Canadian Maple neck, and threw in a smoking Duncan pickup and a couple Jackson single coils along with a Wilkinson trem and locking tuners – oh yeah, and a clear pickguard to show off the bronze foil inside. Like I said, fun!

BeachCaster – $399 SOLD

Some projects are fun, this one was an absolute blast – and it’s a dream to play!

Take a 2002 Squire and rip it to shreds, then route out space for 2 PAF’s out of a JazzMaster and have some fun with the electronics (500k volume, 250k tone w/47u cap) and you get a warm neck, fat middle, and plucky sharp bridge for all sorts of fun!

Charvel Custom Shop Mystery Guitar – $499 Sold

In 2002, Fender purchased Charvel and brought their original SoCal shop into the Valley of the Sun (after a trip to Land of the Rising Sun in 1989). In 2003, someone in the Fender or Charvel Custom Shop built a one-off Charvel with parts on hand. An old-school headstock (date stamped 2003 though) and a Charvel or Jackson quilted top with see-through cherry paint was mated up with some Liquid Metal active pickups, locking tuners, and a Charvel tremolo. Why? Cuz it’s awesome! Don’t ask me how this made its way into my hands, but I have this sweet no-serial number Charvel that kinda-sorta doesn’t exist. Or, even better, an undocumented Charvel Custom Shop masterpiece!

Why on Earth would I sell it? Um, how many guitars do I need?