Old Glory

Me: “Wouldn’t it be cool to find three red, white, and blue Strats and then rip them into strips and reassemble as one?”

Multiple friends: “Why don’t you just paint it instead of driving yourself crazy trying to find the right color?”

Also Me: “What if I just buy new ones and cut them up?”

We purchased three complete strat-style Glarry guitars, did a little math to create a sled/template, and then cut ’em up, glued & screwed to reassemble, and created three multi-color red, white, and blue guitars!

Since Punk Daddy is known for distressing guitars, we gave ’em some rough love with the sander and even scalloped the lower cutaway a little bit for additional playability. A dozen coats of satin laquer to finish the body off and we’re ready to reassemble for clients!

Available For Purchase

Additional customization is always available – change up the electronics, hardware, or neck to your liking – add a logo, design, or whatever it takes to make this your own!

All guitars come fully assembled, tweaked and tuned to play as awesome as they look. Each is distressed to give it that raw, rock ‘n roll “relic” look as if it spent a few years on the road with the Stones. Body and headstock are sealed with a satin finish.

  • Maple 22 fret neck
  • Three single-coil pickups with 5-way switch, one volume, and 2 tone controls
  • White or black pickguard
  • Standard “strat-style” tremolo
  • Lightweight gig bag, strap, and cord

(Available 6/22/20) Red, White, Blue: $350

(Available 6/24/20) Blue, Red, White: $300

(Available 6/26/20) White, Red, Blue: $300

Shipping and handling $65, local pickup is always free!


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