We Create Boring Guitars for Boring People.

We take unused, unloved guitars and turn them into musical instruments that share your personality – one-of-a-kind raw, nasty, sometimes stupid guitars. Click below to learn more about some of our projects and for inspiration and pricing on your own masterpiece!

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Real, Awesome Guitars

All Punk Daddy Guitars are 100% working electric guitars – we set ’em up to play great, sound awesome, and look totally wild – just like our clients. You can also add-on high-end components like special pickups, necks, hardware, etc.

Design Your Dream Guitar (or Best Gift Ever)

Whether you play guitar or not, there’s nothing like the rock ‘n roll attitude of a custom-made axe hanging on the wall to say “yep, I’m a rockstar!”

All of our guitars are created custom and even if they start out as a similar style, they are personalized to fit you, your business, or be the most incredible lifelong gift for friends or family showing off a bit of their personality, hopes & dreams, etc.

Custom-designed guitars start at $350 and usually take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity and availability of materials. brett@punkdaddyguitars.com to get started!

Vanity Plate Guitars

Hyper-customized showpiece including a piece of nostalgia from your past that truly rocks. Actual vintage license plates, keepsakes – whatever meaningful objects you want – in an awesome-sounding, fully functional electric guitar. starting at $400

Custom Design & Build

Superheroes, superstars, or a custom gift for a super-special individual, group, or business! Prices start at $350

Charities and Commissioned Guitars

We donate guitars to local and national charities and hold live video auctions weekly, usually Tuesday at noon on Facebook.

YOU ROCK. Now Prove It.

Your custom guitar is only an email away – tell us a little about your personality, hopes and dreams, favorite food – whatever – and we’ll custom design a “one-of-you-kind” guitar that will play awesome, sound great, and look amazing on your wall. Just email brett@punkdaddyguitars.com to get started!